Veronica Murther (vmurther) wrote,
Veronica Murther

A brief entry regarding the serendipity that seems to constantly flit into my life

In this case, just prior to a late-night run. Happened to come across a young cat who looked to me like he was a bit far from home.

To the lads at Dana Street Cafe, the kitten I approached you all with got home just fine. Thank you for Googling the address so I could walk him home.

Zunger, apologies if I didn't chat with you much while I was there, but hey, I was juggling a cat who was (in his mind) having the time of his life.

For those who were reluctant to help, I hope you don't have pets of your own.

And for you three well-dressed chatty ladies who were (appropriately) on the OTHER side of Hope Street?
Don't think I didn't see you cross the street away from that cat. And you know, if you didn't want to lend me the use of your cell phone to call the owners, hey, you should've said so. But simply ignoring me when I ask you for help, that's more than a bit impolite.
I wish you could have seen the little girl's face when I brought her kitten safely home.
I wish you could have seen that, and asked yourself just what the hell you thought you were doing.
And if you could walk away from that unmoved, I sincerely hope you never abuse the privilege of motherhood.
Go max out a credit card, I'm sure it'll make the guilt disappear.
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